When does early acne end, the causes of its occurrence, symptoms and main methods of treatment

When does early acne end, the causes of its occurrence, symptoms and main methods of treatment? Acne are pimples that appear on the face of young people during adolescence and continue to appear. Its appearance may increase or decrease depending on the type of skin, since this is one of the factors that influence the amount of acne that appears on the skin. Acne is a source of disorders, stress and anxiety for people. Many young men and women, especially since acne is a temporary stage; in this article, we will learn together when acne ends in the early stages, the causes of its occurrence, the symptoms and the main methods of treatment.

Symptoms of early acne

Symptoms of early-stage acne, acne are physiological changes that affect the skin of young men and women, and acne can occur in women at various stages, such as during pregnancy or when taking birth control pills, and there are certain symptoms of acne that occur in separate areas, such as the face and neck, and may appear in the shoulder or chest area, since these areas of the skin contain most of the sebaceous glands, and early symptoms of acne:

Appearance of white and black spots:

  • This is due to the obstruction of the hair follicles due to the presence of fatty secretions or dead skin cells that cause the pores to clog and form these heads.
  • Ziwan, blackheads, are an indication of an inflammation of the hair follicles. Ulcers:
  • They are red in color and have a white head that contains white pus and is similar to mucus.
  • Appearance of some cysts: These are ulcerated swellings with white pus, but they form under the skin, the head does not appear and may leave a scar.

Reasons for the persistence of acne

As reasons for the persistent occurrence of acne, there are several reasons for the appearance of acne on the skin of young men and girls at a certain stage of life, and acne may continue to appear even after this stage, and its appearance may occur in varying degrees or at certain times of the year. Here are the reasons why acne persists:

  1. Stress: This is one of the main reasons for the appearance of acne, since anxiety and stress cause certain hormonal changes in the body and, therefore, its secretion increases, so excess secretions clog pores and cause acne. Hormonal
  2. changes: This causes the sebaceous glands to enlarge, causing more sebum to be produced, clogging skin pores, which in turn causes acne. Take some medications: there are medications that have an effect on increasing fat production in the body.
  3. These are medicines that contain lithium, corticosteroids, or those that contain testosterone. Diet: There are some foods that lead to increased fat secretion.

The most prominent methods of treating acne

The most famous methods of treating acne are several methods of treating acne, since these methods can be pills and maybe paints, consult a dermatologist to prescribe the appropriate treatment and, depending on the case, a follow-up treatment, and the treatment of acne depends on the type of skin. Oily skin is more susceptible to the onset of most cases of acne; the results of acne treatment begin to be effective after four to eight weeks from the start date of treatment; we list here the best-known methods of treating acne:

  • topical treatment: for example, appropriate ointments and paints prescribed by a doctor.
  • It is not allowed to use creams without a doctor’s prescription to avoid pimples inflammation. Use of medications that contain vitamin A.

When does acne end?

When acne ends, acne treatment takes a long time in most cases, as adult acne requires a longer period of time to treat and stop it completely. After treatment, the skin should be taken care of as much as possible, avoiding all contraindications that may cause acne to reappear. Others, for whom acne recovery may take a few weeks or months and may last for several years; what happens:

When does acne end? In fact, it ends after the end of puberty. In some cases, it ends after marriage because of the physiological changes that occur in young people.

The stability of the mental state and the reduction of psychological tension. Care should be taken to first cleanse the skin, remove dead skin cells, prevent inflammation of the pores and the formation of acne, pimples or ulcerated swelling, do not touch the skin or scratch the inflamed area of the skin so that the pimples do not leave scars on the skin and avoid skin and skin complications; And here we bring you to the conclusion of this article, where we place the lines when acne ends Early on, the reasons for their occurrence, the symptoms and the main methods of treatment.





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